Today I biked

It got above freezing today, which, after weeks of being below freezing, makes 45 degrees feel like 75.

I didn’t even wear gloves this afternoon when riding to the coffee shop on my bicycle. I felt like that was a questionable decision on the way home at 5pm. 🙂

I love this bike! It’s a Gary Fisher brand. It has 8 speeds and internal hub shifting which means I can shift while stopped. It’s quite smooth. A little heavy but a comfortable ride. On the flat or on a slight decline it can really fly in the top gears. It feels like it is built pretty well and I like the classic lines.

There was still snow in the gutters and it was a little wet and messy in places but I’m glad I took it for a winter time ride.

On the way home, up some gentle inclines, I realized that I’m not in terrific biking shape right now. Bummer. I brought my spinner inside from the garage and we’ll see what we can do about that.