Today’s 30 minutes of Sunshine

Sunset. Wintertime. Trainbridge


I went out around 4:30pm to look for something to photograph. The sun had not shown itself all day long but I could see there was a break in the clouds near the section of the horizon where the sun would be going down and I thought the sun would show itself just before setting. Sure enough, it did. I quite liked the 5 or 6 bridge photographs I captured but have looked at them so many times today their appeal is starting to wear off. I was trying to select my favorite for my single daily posting on my facebook page and I just couldn’t decide. Now I hate them all. ha! If you want to see the others that I was choosing from, you can click on the flickr link below this photograph to go to my photostream.

The weather man reports that some severe storms and cold temperatures are coming tomorrow and the next day. (Just in time for Thanksgiving travels) I’m not looking forward to the 25 to 30 mph winds that are predicted to hit this snow that has fallen but I guess it’s nothing new.

Another Sunset

Sunset illuminates clouds with train bridge

At one or all of the damns upstream from where I live on the Snake River they are holding back water. As a consequence the water level has dropped low enough that one can walk the length of the river on what is the new mini beach-like bank. I’ll make it my new walking path over the next several days and take in some viewing angles on the river that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy. This photo doesn’t represent an especially new angle. It was a last minute scramble just to get in position before the sky darkened. Fortunately I didn’t get a speeding ticket this time as I raced the setting sun.