Lazarus at the Mulberry Tree

A large tree on the Old Town Parkway / Rock Creek (Twin Falls) is shedding fruit like never before.  I believe it is a Mulberry tree.   On one of my many rides past the tree today I stopped to taste the fruit.  Shortly after stopping, Lazarus rolled up on a bike of his own going the opposite direction:

27293588123_2703b5dc77_k (1)

We chatted.  He reported moving from Bulgaria 20+ (perhaps he said 25) years ago to escape socialism.  He said the Russians socialized his family’s dairy/farm.  He said he was also worried that socialism might be forthcoming, to some degree, here.

He taught me the name of the Mulberry tree in Bulgarian, which I now cannot recall, and told me the tree was a fond memory for him.  He also pointed out a nearby bush that would, later in the summer, be yielding fruit.

I asked him if he was happy and he essentially said, in his broken English, that happiness had been elusive both in Bulgaria and here.  

“Life’s hard”.