Sisters Standing near driveway


Shannon came for a visit yesterday which prompted Linda to make the drive over for a visit too! It was great to see them together and go out for a nice dinner at Morey’s.

Great young ladies! (Was going to say “kids”.. but.. )

Apple Pie in Manhattan

If we didn’t fight back, plants would certainly take over the earth.  This afternoon, in an effort to fight back, I plugged in the TRIMMER and proceeded to see what I could do about some bushes that are getting out of hand.  My 6’8″ son is the one who used to do this trimming and the height has gotten a little out of hand on a couple of the bushes.  I had to grab a ladder since he wasn’t around.

If I was being paid by the hour to do this job, perhaps I would have more patience for it.  As it is, I just wonder how fast it can be done.  Thankfully I didn’t trim any of my digits off or come back and trim the electrical cable in my haste.  I cleared the bigger debris off after it was done, but am hoping for a 50mph wind to come and send the smaller stuff to the neighbors.

After the trimming I decided to go for what turned out to be a long drive; heading North for about 25 miles and then turning west.  When I go for drives I don’t always have a particular destination in mind.  In this instance, I thought I would like to find myself a good sunset location.  I haven’t shot sunsets in a long time and thought since I had been doing so many moonrises, that it would only be appropriate to point the camera west, instead of east.

I took this shot with my old digital camera.  The images that came out of the SLR at this same location tonight looked as if the lens was spotted with dirt.  It was just the gazillion bugs that were in the air, above the water, and perhaps on the lens itself.  The same thing happened with this camera, but this shot didn’t seem to show the bugs as badly so I kept it.  I’ve noticed sunset photos have a broad appeal, but I was actually more taken with this simple photo of the canal railing at the same location:

After shooting these shots I decided to give into my craving for some apple pie and continued on another several miles to a small railroad town where I knew a diner would be open.

I really liked how the photo of the sign pops with so much color.  I didn’t doctor this photo at all.  In fact, none of the photos from tonight have been doctored. (Except for the Sunset Photo which gets doctored within the digital camera by turning it to Sunset Mode before taking the shot)  (No,.. I don’t feel guilty)

On the way out-of-town, I got an early start toward the 65 mph highway speed limit and was pulled over for doing 51 in a 35.  He was nice enough about it and gave me a warning.  That is the 2nd warning I’ve been given in 2 weeks.  The last one was for doing 60 in a 50 that I didn’t realize was a 50.  (Lonely Farm Country Road).  For that one, the deputy spun around on the edge of a farmer’s field with so much gusto and spinning of tires that you’d have thought he spotted a dangerous fugitive!  Perhaps he was just showing off.. or practicing.

I wish the weekend wouldn’t end!