collection of doodles piled on top of each other


So, my son, a Boise State Student says: “Dad, don’t be worried about the doodling, I do most of this in Accounting and Business Statistics, classes which i’m abnormally good at.” It seems to me that what he is abnormally good at, is this drawing business! I have no idea where he got this talent, or how long he has had it, but it’s fun to see. I wish I had the same talent.

Miniature Andy Goldsworthy Piece Discovered in Southern Utah Desert!

After seeing a documentary film called “Rivers & Tides” about a great artist named Andy Goldsworthy I now realize that I inadvertently stumbled upon a miniature piece of his art a few years ago in the desert of Southern Utah!  🙂

I know this because I have now seen larger versions of his work online like this:

and this:

It’s either this, or perhaps he’s been bitten by a wolf spider. Come to think of it, I’d love to hear Andy report on how many spiders he HAS been bitten by while gathering up leaf litter.

If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend buying “Rivers and Tides”, a documentary about his life and work. It sort of shook my world this week.

Like Most Revelations (by Richard Howard)

(after Morris Louis)

It is the movement that incites the form,
discovered as a downward rapture–yes,
it is the movement that delights the form,
sustained by its own velocity. And yet

it is the movement that delays the form
while darkness slows and encumbers; in fact
it is the movement that betrays the form,
baffled in such toils of ease, until

it is the movement that deceives the form,
beguiling our attention–we supposed
it is the movement that achieves the form.
Were we mistaken? What does it matter if

it is the movement that negates the form?
Even though we give (give up) ourselves
to this mortal process of continuing,
it is the movement that creates the form.