Tubular Break

Well, not long before March 17, the seedpod finally broke off the young Honey Locust tree, exposing the internal strands.



4/9/19 update: This young tree which I spent so much time with over years, was bulldozed out of existence while they laid new sewer pipe on this section of Rock Creek. I don’t blame them. It was closer to the pathway than many of the trees and had big thorns but I will miss stopping to closely examine its development throughout the years.

Tubular Update

Well, it appears that as of January 21st, the tubular connection between seed pod and tree branch (Honey Locust Tree) is beginning to crack. I forgot to check, today, January 29, to see if it was still attached:




I’m currently fascinated with the thorns found on young Honey Locust trees.


From Wikipedia: ” In the past, the hard thorns of the younger trees were used as nails while the wood itself was used to fashion treenails for shipbuilding.”