A Flock of My Days by Ammons

A flock of my days
either gone already or to
come rises up
in a flurry and flies into
setting off
a maelstrom descent, whirlpool bloom
with a fine hollow stem figuring for a
bottomless source

in yesterday's dusk hickory,
a flicker black on skylight,
not a grackle but a
  robin! the behavior exact,
  year's first!
pecking his breast, grooming,
regarding the groundcover of 
snow unsharply
(but today the temp is to go
to 60, worm raising weather)

yesterday when melt was
commencing late
in the afternoon
one icicle with a fringehold
on the eaves
waved back and forth
as if hinged,
its hold become so light

but now this morning
the temperature nearing fifty
the eaves rain with
melt, rooftiles starting to show
radiance's darkness
(too much light on too much snow)

I guess the lady next door
when she had the elm thinned
from the thicket
didn't know
snow would cap a hemispheric cone
on the left stump

they say it took some days
for the cries in No Man's Land
to die down: first
  there was a noise
  of pain
  but a few dawns and dusks
  settled things
down to here and there
a filament of dissent
and then the dawn came wherein
the peace was incredible

                   (A.R. Ammons)

From the Book: Snow Poems

Mind seeing…


Masterful. I love the butterfly photo. (and others)

Originally posted on Living with a damaged skull:


  I shut my eyes in order to see…

                    The poet, the painter, or the photographer who is locked into only the visual phenomena

                               may miss the heart of what was actually being experienced…

_RAM0527-bw copy

                Internationalization closes

                                   many doors…


_RAM6520-bw copy

                   Do not go where the path may lead,

                              go instead where there is no path and leave a trail



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Poem About Poems

Originally posted on muags:

The best poems
are heavy and obvious
There is no doubt
or lack of clarity in the words
There is just
pure honesty and connection

Everyone involved
rises above being alive
just for a moment

and then you notice
during the float
back down, that
you were in Shangri la

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Everything Has Changed – Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran (Pekul Cover)

I loved the cover of this song done on THE VOICE by Madilyn Paige and Tanner James so I went looking for other covers on SoundCloud. So far I like this one the best (on SoundCloud). I still like the Madilyn Paige and Tanner James version a little better, but I can’t find a video of it without coaches commentary. If I could, I would post it to this archive.


Time is a false prophet
Those who espouse it’s healing powers
Should repent, and be born again into
the blessed desolation of others.
Because Misery is god and thoughts its angels.