Stillness Speaks…

Originally posted on Living with a damaged skull:

Be still

            stillness reveals

            the secret of


                      ` ~ `  Lao Tzu 


           That the mind 

            is in

                      abysmal stillness…

                                        ` ~ `   Lao Tzu  



            Nothing in all

                creation is 

                so like god



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Children of the Dusty Plums

the tiniest children come for the plums
begging for what they can’t reach
plumb brave they ring the bell again and again
I’ve not met these eyes ablaze,
these sweet dreams, these juicy hearts.
asking me to the front lawn
they make themselves understood
pointing to dark hidden gems amongst the leaves
how did I not see these before?
when did fruit blindness set in?
4 for 4 leaves them satisfied
I suggest washing them back home
but it’s too late
and what’s a little dust anyway?
surely a simple and necessary inoculation
against something
probably adult onset fruit blindness