Part of Glare / 72 / Ammons

…………………………………………………… I can’t tell
you what I care about: I care too much: can

you listen around the edges a little, if you
care, and take up anything you find and want

as yours: because I feed in the periphery to
secrete the kernel, I have an abundance to

give without end, because, because it opens to
the world and drifts back away to it: so you

can know nothing, I tell you everything:
but everything may surround islands firm enough

to land on or lights strong enough to make a
course by: it doesn’t matter if you end or

begin with me but that you have a journey of
your own: I’ll be the mirage the camel’s legs

flicker in: or I’ll be the caw of the crow
broken loose at night by wind and thunder:

I’ll be around: I’ll be the bark you flatten
your hand against as you lean and look into the

grand Grand Canyon: be on your way (with me,
with me) and I’ll have my way alone to myself

with you: when my journey is done and I am
gone on the other journey, earth’s, not mine,

you will look back at my hollow meanderings and
then know everything: after all, a

trail of nothingness marks its way by cave and
cliff, drop and steep, shore willow and fern:

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