Life above Pocatello

Now and again we dress
for dinner in Nomex

kyoo-myuh-low-nim-buhs         boom

Not because it’s sexy
but because it is aromatic

kyoo-myuh-low-nim-buhs         boom

Though it’s vivid on the deck
with dramatic light and views
the vacillating winds
and familiar hues
say be ready

kyoo-myuh-low-nim-buhs         boom

for groundstrikes

kyoo-myuh-low-nim-buhs         boom

Our scanner is attuned
as is Pandora
(ad free thanks to an add on)

We sit down for
Veracruz-style tilapia & farro
with zucchini, tomatoes and pickled jalapeno
the wine is zesty and tropical
Dexter Gordon plays Cheese Cake

kyoo-myuh-low-nim-buhs         boom



Owen, our downcanyon friend
with fire station ties texts
“sounds rough but stormtrack looking good”

We relax a little

“thx! come up later for ice cream and pie. marionberry. bring shelley”

kyoo-myuh-low-nim-buhs         boom

This evening’s stormtrack for us
-unlike the less fortunate
whistlestops of
Inkhom and McCammon-
is soundtrack only

Art Blakey sets himself afire

kyoo-myuh-low-nim-buhs         boom     Ba Da Boom

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